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Jul 15th, 2024

Top HR & Payroll Software Solutions in Kenya


FaidiHR has established itself as a leading cloud-based platform tailored specifically for Kenyan businesses. One of its primary advantages lies in its deep understanding and compliance with local regulatory requirements. This ensures that businesses using FaidiHR can confidently manage payroll processing, tax compliance, and statutory reporting without the complexities...

Jun 21st, 2024

8 positive values we can adopt from Gen Z

Gen Zs in Kenya have been trending lately due to their huge and courageous participation in the ongoing #RejectFinanceBill peaceful protests. We cannot ignore the fact that they bear some positive values that each of us can learn from. Here are some of the positive values:

Inclusivity and Diversity:...

May 29th, 2024

Safaricom Spark Accelerator Program Selects 9 Startups Including FaidiHR

Nairobi, Kenya – 28th May 2024 

Safaricom in partnership with M-PESA Africa and Sumitomo Corporation has shortlisted nine startups to benefit from the Spark Accelerator Program, a platform for bold and visionary founders to grow and scale their businesses.

The recipient startups were identified following a call for applications...

Mar 5th, 2024

Free Leave Management Software,Employee Management Software

In a move set to transform the way businesses manage their workforce, FaidiHR has proudly announced the release of their groundbreaking free Payroll and HR Software Modules. This momentous announcement promises to revolutionize the HR landscape by providing small and medium-sized businesses with access to powerful tools previously only available...

Jan 12th, 2024

How to Pay Nhif with Mpesa new Paybill 222222

With the introduction of the government paybill 222222 for all its services NHIF is no longer accepting payments with its old mpesa paybill.

The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) notifies all Members and Employers that effective immediately, all NHIF payments through mobile money platforms shall only be made through the...

Nov 29th, 2023

Reprieve for Kenyans as Highcourt declares Housing Levy unconstitutional

In a groundbreaking decision on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, the High Court declared the Housing Levy, introduced under the Finance Act 2023, as unconstitutional, marking a significant win for Kenyan workers. Justices David Majanja, Christine Meoli, and Lawrence Mugambi deemed the levy null and void.

The petition challenging the constitutionality...

Nov 24th, 2023

Social Health Insurance Fund - What you need to Know

In a groundbreaking move, the Social Health Insurance Act, of 2023, has ushered in a new era in Kenya's healthcare landscape, repealing the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and giving rise to three distinct funds. Effective as of November 22, 2023, this transformative legislation aims to address the challenges faced...

Nov 3rd, 2023

Types of Individual Taxes on Personal Income in Kenya

Taxation is a fundamental aspect of any thriving economy, and Kenya is no exception. It is essential to understand the various types of taxes individuals in Kenya are subject to, particularly regarding personal income. Whether you are a resident or a non-resident, the Kenyan tax system has specific guidelines to...

Oct 27th, 2023

How to Benefit from KRA's Tax Amnesty Program

In an effort to provide relief to taxpayers and encourage compliance, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) introduced a Tax Amnesty Program, offering a golden opportunity for individuals and businesses to address outstanding tax issues. The program, which commenced on 1st September 2023, extends to 30th June 2024 and covers penalties...

Sep 22nd, 2023

Demystifying Payroll in Nigeria with FaidiHR


Nigeria, with its vibrant population of over 200 million, presents an enticing opportunity for businesses seeking top-notch remote talent. However, understanding and managing the payroll system in Nigeria can be a complex and challenging task. From navigating local taxes to handling compensations and benefits, employers must be well-versed in...

Sep 14th, 2023

Navigating Payroll in Tanzania with FaidiHR


Tanzania, one of Africa's nations, has been making remarkable strides in economic growth and development. With its abundant natural resources and diverse industries, the country transitioned from a low-income status to a low-middle-income nation in 2020. Tanzania's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached an all-time high of $67.78...

Sep 6th, 2023

How To Run Payroll in Uganda


A Comprehensive Guide to Running Payroll in Uganda


Expanding your business to Uganda can be a rewarding endeavor due to the country's economic growth and burgeoning workforce. However, navigating the intricacies of Ugandan payroll can be a daunting task for any organization. To ensure smooth operations and...

Aug 25th, 2023

Increased Discomfort from Housing Tax as KRA Targets Gross Pay.

In a move that has sent shockwaves through the corporate landscape, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has issued a groundbreaking directive that has far-reaching implications for both employees and employers. The controversial directive mandates that employers calculate the deduction for the recently introduced housing levy based on employees' gross pay,...

Aug 8th, 2023

How to File Returns for Housing Levy

The housing levy, a mandatory contribution for both employees and employers at a rate of 1.5%, has become effective following the lifting of the suspension of the Finance Bill 2023 by the courts. As of this August, it's required for both employees and employers to be well-versed in the process...

Jul 31st, 2023

Important Update: Housing Levy Implementation in Your August Payroll!


As a leading HR and Payroll tech company, we strive to keep you informed about significant changes that may impact your payroll processes. Recently, the Kenyan government presented the Finance Bill 2023 with several tax adjustments, and we have some crucial updates to share regarding the Housing Levy. This...

Jun 30th, 2023

Understanding the Implications of Kenya's Finance Bill 2023

The Finance Bill 2023 was signed into law by the President four days ago. It has significant implications for the country's economy and taxpayers. This bill proposed various tax increases and the introduction of new taxes aimed at bolstering revenue generation and funding crucial government initiatives. In this article, we...